Northern Softplay

Soft Play 19 shape set


Portable 19 shape Soft Play Box that includes cubes, barrels and  L Shapes that allow children to create their own structures. All the items stack neatly onto a wooden trolley (complete with PVC cover) which can wheeled away when not in use and will fit through any standard door. This makes it ideal for playgroups, nurseries and schools where storage is at a premium. Made in our premises in Yorkshire.

The Portable 19 shape Soft Play set consists of the following items:-

4 cubes 225mm x 225mm x 225mm  

4 barrels 225mm diameter  x 225mm 

1 rectangle 225mm x 300mm x 300mm

2 wedges 680mm x 680mm x 150/75mm 

2 triangles 430mm x 430mm x 150mm

2 folding mats 680mm x 1360mm x 75mm

2 C shapes 680mm x 340mm x 150mm

2 L shapes 680mm x 495mm x 225mm