Northern Softplay



The Sensyball balls are soft and pleasant to touch. Thanks to their bumps they provide a healthy stimulation of the pressure points. The three available sizes allow a wide application range. The smaller version is particularly recommended for massage and manipulative exercise, whereas the two larger versions are ideal for low-impact exercise. All the three sizes are recommended for reflexology and relaxing techniques. In the Sensyball 20 and Sensyball 28 packaging a booklet is added with some exemplifying exercises.

  • The product is supplied deflated and can be inflated with a needle pump.
  • The Sensyball 10 version is packed in sets of 2 small balls.
  • Recommended weight (Sensyball 20 – 28): max. 80 kg - 180 lbs / Tested load capacity: max. 100 kg - 220 lbs.