Northern Softplay

Garden Games Up 4 It


The Garden  Games Up 4 It is a fantastic addition to any garden. The game is highly addictive and extremely eye-catching making this game a real feature..

Standing at 1.1m tall with bright blue frame and green legs your guest won't be able to stop themselves from
having a go!

This Garden Games Up 4 It has a frame made from hard wearing plastic and will look fantastic year after year.

The  game can be played in the traditional way by pitting two players against each other or you can make it a team game, as once play gets going EVERYONE will want a go! One team (or player) takes the yellow counters and one takes the red, The teams (players) then take it in turns to try and get four of their own colour counters in a row either diagonally, horizontally or vertically while doing everything they can to prevent the opposing team from doing the same.

The game challenges you and is a great game to play no matter what the event. It requires a great deal of strategy and skill not to mention the merest hint of luck to win.