Northern Softplay

We have added to our website items from the Visual Perception Gym Range which has been developed to encourage babies and toddlers to lie on their tummy, roll, crawl , climb, balance and slide in safety. 

The visual development of babies begins at birth and is not fully developed to about two years old. The critical period of binocular function is from 6 months and peaks at 2 years old. Colours with a high contrast such as black, white and red encourage children to focus both eyes together developing depth perception. 

Each piece within the range has been specially designed to co-ordinate and be assembled together to create your own gym designed by you to suit the needs of the children and the size of your room. The pieces are smaller than usual to encourage very small babies and toddlers to get moving and to fit in rooms with limited space.

Written by Mark Goodair — August 21, 2014

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